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In this bizarre world, there are a lot of people who do not understand do, the chance of a tester for the latest products from Apple, when they are released, as the iPhone 4G will be. The iPhone 4G is currently given away free willing testers. Many people want to resort to packaged this sleek, functional phone, but do not get the opportunity because of the high price may be out of reach for some buyers, or phone you can be just curious if the iPhone 4G is the right phone for you. Now you have the option of Apple's fourth Generation mobile experience for free and contribute to shaping the development of future products. You may think it incredible to be a tester and that you do not get a free Apple iPhone 4G just to test it and giving your opinion about the product. Now you could not more wrong. A tester, you just need to appropriate websites that you want a free iPhone 4G offer in exchange for your opinion to be found about them. Normally you have to fill only a questionnaire or checklist to write about the iPhone 4G rather than a long article about it. It really is not much easier than this. There are many companies paid millions of dollars to find out market research with the aim to ask what people want. One of the ways they do this by people the means of products for free so they can collect all the feedback and public opinion about the product to test it to discover the needs of their target group allowed. It's a win-win situation all around, because the company gets the important feedback they need and you will receive a free Apple iPhone 4G. As the technology industry is changing so quickly, companies must proactively by a change in the design and range of products. This is due to the constant changes in technology and development is crucial. You need to keep ahead of their competitors to gain insight into customer needs is an essential part of this process. Do not be misguided by people who say everything online is a scam, and you can not hands on hot new products for free because you can quite safely. Find a suitable site, enter your email address, then see if they are still available in your own field 

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